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What is Sellmyfone? 

Sellmyfone is a mobile phone and device trade-in site allowing you sell your mobile phones and all other devices that you want for cash. You can sell Apple devices such as iPods, iPads, other brands such as Tablets.

What happens to my mobile phone?

Recycled mobile phones are sold and re-used in developing countries. Second hand mobiles are an affordable and sustainable means of communication that help businesses to run more efficiently and families to stay in touch more easily.

Can companies, organisations and charities use this service?

Yes, simply create a company account when you check out. Please complete your order before calling and have your order number to hand. If you have a large quantity of mobile phones we will be happy to provide you with a quote. Please call 0175 369 6664.

Can I buy mobile phones from Sellmyfone?

If you are interested in purchasing bulk quantities please email Jim Fowler: info@sellmyfone.com.


How does it Work?

Simply search for your device and click on View Detail. 1. You then click on Get Assured Selling Price'
2. Does the Mobile Switch on? Click on Yes or No.
3. Check if are there any issues in your mobiles? Check the boxes if the Speakers (Speakers Not Workings), Glass Broken (Screen Glass Broken), Battery (Battery Faulty or Very Low Battery Back up), Touch Defect (Touch not working), Volume Button Defect (Volume Button not working),
Camera (Front Or Back Camera Not Working Or Faulty),
Wifi Or GPS (Wifi Or GPS Not Working). Check the boxes you think to be checked. Then click NEXT: Do you have the following? Original Charger, Earphone and Box. to complete, choose the Phone's Overall Condition: Good, Average or Below Average. Place your IMEI number (To find out IMEI number press *#06# on yur phone) to finish the selling, click on 'Sell This Device' or if you want we also can Repai it, so you can clck on 'Repair This Device'.

How do I find out the value of my mobile phone?

You can use the search box on the center of thes homepage or just click in the red magnifier glass on the top right corner of this screen. Simply type your model number, Click on the correct model to find its value. Alternatively click on GET ASSURED SELLING PRICE and star the selling process.

How do I know if my mobile phone qualifies?

We accept working and Damaged/Faulty mobile phones. If your mobile phone is eligible it will be listed on our website.

How do I know if my mobile phone is classed as working or Damaged/Faulty?

Working Mobile Phones. Each mobile phone sold should match the make and model in the sale order and meet the following conditions: It must switch on and off.

  • Be complete with all battery covers and bodywork.
  • The integral bodywork should have no cracks, missing plastics / metal and there should be no missing buttons.
  • The bodywork should not be hanging off the main body of the phone in any way.
  • The LCD must be working and power up correctly and fully beyond the network ‘Welcome Note’.
  • The LCD must have no lines or missing pixels.
  • The screen must be intact with no cracks.
  • There should be no liquid damage.
  • A white screen does not constitute a working phone.
  • If the phone has a touch screen the touch screen must be fully functional.
  • The stylus must be included if originally sold with the mobile.
  • Slider mechanisms must function correctly.
  • Apple iPhones and iPads – All standard functionality and software must be in working order.

Damaged/Faulty Mobile Phone(s)

If your mobile does not have any working conditions at all it will be classified as Damaged/Faulty. Damaged/Faulty mobiles should meet the following conditions:

  • It must not be crushed.
  • It must not be broken in half or bent in any way.
  • There must not be liquid damage.
  • No integral parts such as camera, LCD etc should be missing.
  • No integral parts should be detached from the main body of the phone in any way or be missing.
  • Apple iPhones and iPads must have ALL components and buttons still attached to the handset.

Do you accept fake mobile phones?

We do not accept any fake mobile phones or any other device. If you think you may have a fake mobile phone please do not send it to us as we will not return it to you and will hand it to the Police.

What is an IMEI number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a serial number unique every mobile phone. This is usually printed on the back of the mobile phone or under the battery. You can display the mobile phone’s IMEI’s on the screen if you enter *#06#.

How many mobile phones can I sell?

You can sell as many mobile phones as you like. If you have 5 or more mobile phones (that have a value on our website) then please feel fee to call us on: 0175 369 6664 to arrange a free courier collection.

Working Apple iPhones

Each Apple iPhone sold should match the make and model in the sale order and meet the following conditions:

  • It must be on a UK network
  • It must switch on and off.
  • It must be complete with SIM tray and all buttons.
  • All buttons must function correctly
  • The integral bodywork should have no cracks, missing plastics, screws or metal.
  • The LCD must be working and power up correctly and fully beyond the ‘Welcome Note’.
  • The LCD must be intact with no cracks, lines or missing pixels.


How do I Login?

Click in here Login in the top

How do I delete all the data from my mobile phone? 

Please us our Data Removal Tool 

Having problems with the site or logging on?

Please contact us if you are having problems completing your order online and we will try or best to help you.

How do I view my orders?

Login to your account. All your pending, completed and cancelled orders are viewable.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

Please email us at sales@sellmyfone.com or phone us on 020 7404 6440 with your reference number and we will retrieve it for you.


How is payment made?

We offer Bank Transfer or Cheque payment. Cheques are sent First Class on the same day the order is processed to the address entered in your account. Bank transfer is made the same day we receive your mobile phones and will take up to 48 working hours to reach your account.

I have sent several orders sent together, will I receive several payments?

If your orders are received on the same day then these will be accumulated in one Cheque or Bank Transfer.

When will I receive my payment?

Once we have received and checked your mobile phones, payment will be issued by cheque or Bank Transfer on the same day that we receive your mobile phones. You can check the status of your order at any time by logging in and viewing My Account.

I’ve lost my cheque, what do I do?

407 Montrose Ave, Slough SL1 4TJ

Special Delivery means your phone(s) are insured up to a value of £500. 

If you have lost your cheque please email info@sellmyfone.com with your order details. Please allow 7 working days from when your order was completed before contacting us

What do I do with my cheque?

You can deposit your cheque into the bank you hold an account with.